Up coming Events :

May 17  Cars & Coffee  Eveready Dinner in Hyde Park– 9:00 AM

June 12 – Mid-Hudson AACA region meeting 7:00 PM

               At Pleasant Valley Free Library

               1584 Main St (Rte. 44) Pleasant Valley, NY 12569


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The Mid-Hudson Region of the AACA is a non-profit organization. We are dedicated to the preservation, restoration, maintenance, historical and educational aspects of the antique car hobby. We are one of six car clubs in the Mid-Hudson Valley that sponsors the Rhinebeck Car Show and Swap Meet ( rhinebeckcarshow.com ).

   Our Mid-Hudson Region of the AACA car club usually meets on the second Wednesday of  the month at 7:00 PM. The location varies so please check the up coming events for the date and location. Up coming events can be found at the top of this page in red.  All folks interested in the antique automobile hobby are welcome to stop by and check us out.  Our meetings usually last about 90 minutes and covers club business with refreshments and entertainment.

   To join an AACA regional car club you must also be a member of the National AACA club ( www.aaca.org ). Our annual regional club fee is $15.00 single, $20.00 family and the National club fee is $40.00. Typical club events are picnics, dinners and tours and above all the comradery of fellow car enthusiasts. Given what you get in return, it is a real bargain.


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