History Highlights

                April  18 , 1969 <=> October 21,1969


April 18,1969 – Organizational Meeting => 15 folks attended, Dues $1.00 per family

                        Name  chosen => Mid-Hudson Valley Auto Enthusiasts    


June  3,1969 –  Second meeting Establish 50-50  brought in $7.50  treasury = $11.50


June  8,1969 Tri-State Model A meet at IBM Country Club 

                          Lorne and Bill attended with cars to promote our new club


June 17,1969 Third Meeting 

                           Planned tour to Resnick’s Auto Museum in Ellenville for July 13 

                          Decided to apply to form a new Region of the AACA


July 23,1969 Fourth meeting Dues set at a $1.00/ year => Treasury at $28.50


Aug 26,1969 – Fifth Meeting

                          Application to become a Region of the AACA was circulated

                          26 Active National members signed as:

                     Charter Members

                     Joel Finn                       Doug Johnson 

                     Judy Finn                      Ed Bollinger 

                     Ron Potts                      Elmer Bryans 

                     Mike Brienza                 Perry Eshelman

                     Bill Bryant                      Roy Munao               

                     Leo Calvin                     Charles Butler           

                    Charles Barby                Stu Lyon                    

                     Lorne Richards             Ed Quilla

                     Ed Jones                       Russ Van Saurs         

                     Richard Cruichshank    Tom Vance 

                     Ernest Blake                 Martin Alpertstein   

                     Bob Hedinger                Al Barbrick

                    Tom Richards


         Name change to => Mid-Hudson Region -AACA


Oct 10,1969 – Application approved by AACA


Oct 21,1969 – Charter issued for Mid-Hudson Region => We are part of the AACA !



May 17, 1970 – First Car Show rained out => Held May 24,1970

                             Location old IBM country club


May 15,1971 – Second Annual Car Meet held at Historic Vanderbilt Estate

                            Car meets held there for next 27 years consecutive years

                              *  First seven years trophies made by club members


Jan 13,1973 – Club Meeting at the Kitchen  (now Coppolas of Hyde Park)

                          2 members appointed to meet with other clubs

                              * Goal: Joint flea market and car show

                                Rhinebeck Proposal


March 03,1973 – Club Meetings moved to First National Bank of Highland

                                Branch located on route 9.  Held here for years.

                             – Club meeting moved to Dutchess Community College  

                             – Club meeting moved to BOCES


May 06,1973 – First Rhinebeck Flea Market and Car Show at Fair Grounds

                             Midhudson AACA to setup  & run show

                                * Registration = $2.00


May 4-5, 1974 Rhinebeck Flea Market and Car Show extended for 2 days


March 05,1976 – Nathaniel Dawes  guest speaker

                                Author of The Packard 1942 -1962

                                 Topic = How to write a book


1998 -1999 – Car Show at Clermont State Historic Site – Columbia County


2001 – 2005 – Car Show at Former Delavel site on Route 44


2006 – Locust Grove Inaugural Show => on route 9


2015 – First responders car show Wappinger falls 


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